Tamil Movies List-1951

Tamil Movies List – 1951

1. உண்மையின் வெற்றி – (Unmaiyin Vetri)
2. ஓர் இரவு – (Or Iravu)
3. கலாவதி – (Kalavathi)
4. கைதி – (Kaithi)
5. சம்சாரம் – (Samsaram)
6. சர்வதிகாரி – (Sarvadhikari)
7. சத்யாவதாரம் – (Satyavatharam)
8. சிங்காரி – (Singari)
9. சுதர்சன் – (Sudharshan)
10. சௌதாமினி – (Saudamini)
11. தேவகி – (Devaki)
12. நிரபராதி – (Niraparadhi)
13. பாதாளபைரவி – (Pathala Bhairavi)
14. மர்மயோகி – (Marmayogi)
15. மலைக்கள்ளன் – (Malai Kalvan)
16. மணமகன் – (Manamagan)
17. மாயமாலை – (Mayamalai)
18. மாயக்காரி – (Mayakkari)
19. மோகனசுந்தரம் – (Mohana Sundaram)
20. ராஜாம்பாள் – (Rajambal)
21. லாவண்யா – (Lavanya)
22. வனசுந்தரி – (Vanasundari)
23. ஸ்திரீ சாகசம் – (Sthree Sahasam)

Description: Tamil cinema has a rich and diverse history dating back to the early 1900s. The year 1951 saw the release of several memorable Tamil movies, each with its unique story, characters, and themes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular Tamil movies that were released in 1951.

    Manthiri Kumari – Directed by Ellis R. Dungan, Manthiri Kumari is a classic Tamil film that tells the story of a princess who falls in love with a commoner. The film features Padmini, S. S. Rajendran, and T. R. Ramachandran in lead roles and was a commercial success.

    Madurai Veeran – Directed by D. Yoganand, Madurai Veeran is a period drama that revolves around a brave warrior who fights for justice and freedom. The film features M. G. Ramachandran, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, and P. S. Veerappa in lead roles and was a huge box office success.

    Parasakthi – Directed by R. Krishnan and S. Panju, Parasakthi is a socially relevant drama that highlights the struggles of the working class in post-independence India. The film features Sivaji Ganesan, S. V. Sahasranamam, and Pandari Bai in lead roles and was a critical and commercial success.

    Vazhkai – Directed by A. V. Meiyappan, Vazhkai is a romantic drama that tells the story of a young couple who face numerous challenges in their journey of love. The film features T. R. Mahalingam, Vyjayanthimala, and S. V. Sahasranamam in lead roles and was a commercial success.

    Thirumbi Paar – Directed by T. R. Sundaram, Thirumbi Paar is a thriller that tells the story of a woman who is falsely accused of murder and must prove her innocence. The film features Sivaji Ganesan, T. R. Rajakumari, and K. A. Thangavelu in lead roles and was a commercial success.

    In conclusion, 1951 was a significant year in the history of Tamil cinema, with several iconic films that continue to be remembered and celebrated to this day. These movies not only entertained audiences but also highlighted important social issues and cultural themes, making them an integral part of Tamil culture and heritage.